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Customize temporary tattoos with LINAHOSHI. We started our business with tattoos at the very beginning. They are the classic body art. From black color, white color, mixed color, and metallic tattoos, we can produce temporary tattoos according to your requirements. Tattoos of different sizes, tattoos of different package.

At the same time, each season, we have some original design tattoos that you can choose from. We have tattoos sets for hair, for face, for sternum, for chest, for sleeve, for waist, for hands, for thighs, for legs, You can find something you love from us.

Frequently asked questions:
1)How to customize temporary tattoos?
With us, it’s easy, send us your designs, tell us quantity you need and size you want, and you will get your tattoos.
2)How many pieces should I customise? What is the MOQ for customising tattoos?
We have two different techniques for printing tattoos: one is small quantity computer control printing, which this one, you can start customising tattoos from quantity 1 piece of A4 size ( you can mix different patterns in the A4 size sheet)

The other method is for bigger quantity orders (MOQ:500-1000 pieces of A5 size) With this method, we produce tattoos for selling. We need to make a mode for the tattoos and then start production.

In any case, you don’t have to worry, talk to us your need and we will handle the rest.

3) Can I print white color?
Yes, we can print white color ,metallic color, uv color, and different types of tattoos. If it’s not indicated, the clear color in the design will be clear, white color needs to pointed out to us and we will give quotation accordingly.

4) How long does it take to customize my tattoos?
If you are only buying several pieces, we will send out orders in 4-7 days. If you are bulk buying, we will need about 7-10 days to finish the orders.

5) Can I have my own package?
Yes, we can customize order packages,and the MOQ is 500 pcs of A5 SIZE tattoos.

6)What kind of documents do you accept?
Please send us ai, cdr, pdf,ps. all kinds of original files which are with better effect.

7) I don’t know how to mix the patterns?
You can contact us and show us the designs you want. We do not provide painting or designing service, but we can arrange the designs you send us in the A4 paper.

8) Are they safe?
We comply with EN7-1 and Eu cosmetic standards,but you still need to do a patch test on your skin if your skin are sensitive. If you are allergic to adhesive, you should not use them.

9)Can you customize inbox tattoos?
We have semi-permanent tattoos this year, which can last around 15 days and are similar to inbox tattoos. Yes you can customize this type of tattoo with us.


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