UV Face and Body Paint

Linahoshi UV face and body paint is so pretty. We have 8 normal uv colors and 7 pastel new uv colorsUV color paints are birght under normal light, and uv glow under uv light. They are not glow in dark color.

We have customers using them in uv party, and also customers love to pack them as makeup for eyeliner, for face decor. They are so stunning.

For makeup pack, customers tend to choose our smaller container 3g,10g per pack. For face and body paint, customers tend to choose bigger pack, like 30g. Or they will combine their colors in a pallatte.

Our uv face and body paint complies with FDA and EN71. We produce for different customers around the world. You can customise your own package, you can even create your own colors. Please feel free to talk to us.

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