Under this category, you will find all types of face jewels. face jewelry is first known and become popular around 2018 in different music festivals. And later,we develop them into more material and more designs.

We have face laces, face stickers, face gemstones and many different types of face jewels. Our thinking is to bring out the best effect while customers do not have to master too much skill of makeup.

Like our Halloween face Jewels series, we update every year, and the themes are different. 1-5 minutes are enough for customers to finish a stunning makeup even though they do not master makeup skill.

We do not want to limit our designs only to face jewelry, gems, we will explore more in the future.

Frequently asked questions:
1) What is the MOQ?
The items we are listed with retail price are our stock items, you can buy any quantity. If you are bulk buying, please contact us to get bulk price based on quantity.

2) What is the lead time?
For face jewels series, if you are buying our designs, then you don’t have to wait for sample, then it often take us about 2 weeks to finish orders. And it depends on the quantity.

If you are making your own designs, then we need to make modes first, and then decide the lead time.

If you are making your own package, package lead time usually takes 10 days.

3) Can I make my own package for face jewels series.
Yes, of course. And we have MOQ for different types of package, please contact us to know more information.

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