Easy Halloween Makeup

Easy Halloween Makeup is our key product series, which we update every year.

Why do we call it easy? When we watch youtuber and some makeup influencer to share their halloween makeup, we have a feeling that they look so gorgeous and stunning but a bit difficult to try. So we are thinking if we can produce a product that makes the process easy but still stunning. You only need 5 minutes even 1 minute to finish a halloween makeup.

At the very beginning, we have easy zombie makeup with big mouth.  There are about 24 designs and they are tattoos, but we later we found that too many copycat producing the designs and we stopped updating the series.

And later we found that makeup with jewels are especially suitable for halloween concept, so we start a new seires.

(There are some factories are coping our designs, and please kindly be noted that we have copyright of this series. )

We have easy zombie makeup sticker, easy skull makeup sticker, easy clown makeup sticker, easy scary makeup jewels,  easy vampire makeup jewels, easy day of the dead makeup jewels, easy sugar skull makeup sticker.

You can cutomise your package and still using our design products, or you can change the designs and customise your products, the MOQ is 500 pcs per design . Contact us for more information.



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