Linahoshi HFG05 Sugar Head Makeup

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This is Linahoshi sugar head makeup sticker.

Material: non-toxic and safe adhesive, resin rhinestone

1 pc / pack,  2 packs.

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Usage: Self-adhesive, you can peel off the protective film and stick on the rhinestone wherever you like.  They are designed for one-time use.

Note: do not stick on skin for more than 6 hours.

And if you are allergic to adhesive, please stop using.

Children under 6 years old and pregnant women, please do not use.

Searching for “sugar head makeup” on YouTube , you’ll obtain hundreds of tutorials on the look, and also the millions of sights solidify the interest in this skull art.  “It began becoming popular about 15 years ago or two. And the Disney motion picture motivated a few of his Mexican relatives to start producing altars. When you have no idea what to wear for a Halloween Party, you can use this sugar head makeup idea. And we make it even easier.

Try on our easy one-step sugar skull makeup, you just need to peel off the rhinestone and stick on the face , it’s done. A stunning look will finish.

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1 review for Linahoshi HFG05 Sugar Head Makeup

  1. Bernadine T.Markey

    I bought these crystal stones to use for Halloween. I put face paint on first and then the stones. The stones really made the look outstanding. I won first place in the face painting contest because of the stones. They are colorful and sparkly taking something plain to very fancy! Thank you

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